Here Are 7 Really Dirty Things Your Woman Would Like You To Do When You Have Sex With Her

It’s true to say that women really like DIRTY SEX.

And if you can give your woman really dirty sex, the kind of sex that blows her mind… she’ll want more sex than ever. Guaranteed.

You see — most guys give their women boring sex and that turns women off.

So if you want to have a great sex-life, don’t do what ‘most guys’ do. Instead, be a REAL MAN and give your woman the kind of hot, dirty sex that she really wants.

7 Really Dirty Things Your Woman Would Like You To Do During Sex

1. Let Her Watch Herself

This is extremely exciting for your woman and helps to make the sex downright dirty.

Here’s how you can let your woman watch herself during sex:

Set up a mirror by the side of your bed and then, whilst you are in the missionary position — you can both look to the side and watch yourselves having sex.

2. Play With Yourself And Let Your Woman Watch

Many woman would like to see their man play with himself. Try masturbating for your woman the next time you have sex with her and she’ll be really turned on and excited by how it makes her feel.

After you’ve ‘put on a show for her’ be sure to give her GREAT SEX.

3. Have Sex In Public

The idea of being caught or watched whilst having sex is very exciting for many women and is a definite way to make the sex dirtier.

You can make sex in public a reality for your woman by doing it in a car park or in a toilet in a public place.

4. Make The Doggy-Style Position More Exciting By Doing This

Most women love the doggy-style position, but here’s a way to make it more dirty for your woman…

As you are having sex in the doggy-style position, spank her bottom, grab her hair and TALK DIRTY to her.

This is guaranteed to drive her to ORGASM if you do it right.

5. Go To A Sex Party

This is an extremely dirty idea that many women would love to try but would never actually ask their man to do (but they’d happily go along with if he suggested it).

At a sex party you can do everything from just watching other people to taking part.

Whatever you do… it’ll definitely TURN YOUR WOMAN ON, excite her and make her feel dirty in a very good way.

6. Don’t Take All Her Clothes Off

There is something dirty about just lifting up your woman’s skirt, pulling her knickers to one side and ravaging her.

You do not need to remove all of her clothes every time you have sex and many women love to be taken in the way I have just described.

Try it with your woman and you’ll be impressed with her reaction.

7. Tie Your Woman To The Bed And Tease Her

OK, this is a favourite of mine.

Use a little light bondage to tie your woman to the bed. Some handcuffs from an adult sex store will do the job.

Now, when you have her so she can’t move — TEASE HER. And I mean really tease her.

Get her so hot, wet, HORNY and desperate for you that she BEGS you to have sex with her. Then tease her a little more.

Then have sex with her when you want. Very powerful. Very dirty. Your woman will love it.

Use these 7 ways to give your woman the kind of hot, dirty sex that she desires.

Whatever you try in the bedroom, always keep in mind that you will give your woman the greatest sex ever — the kind that makes her literally addicted to your love-making… when you give her VAGINAL ORGASMS during intercourse. (HINT: 99% of men fail to do this for their women).

Adult Dating Sites

There are all different genres of dating sites out there. Adult dating sites are for men and women over 18 years of age who are mostly looking for sexual relationships. This doesn’t mean every person on the site is looking for one-night stands either. Many people are looking for sexually open partners for long-term relationships. Even couples join these sites looking for an additional partner or partners to spice up their sex life.

Adult sites attract open-minded people who may be for non-traditional relationships. The biggest difference between adult dating sites and traditional dating sites is the ability to be open about what you desire. Most dating sites would not allow you to openly post your sexual desires. Adult sites also attract people who are looking for someone outside their marriage.

Most the adult sites will allow you to post nude photos. They usually offer you the opportunity to have private photo albums to share with only the people you choose. You will find most of the people on the adult dating sites are much more explicit in what they are seeking.

There are lots of adult sites on the web, but the most popular one is Adult Friend Finder. It is supposed to be the largest sex and swinger personals site on the web. They allow people to post nude photos and access other members’ webcams. The membership is free, but if you want to be able to really communicate with members you will have to pay the minimum silver membership fee of $19.95.

Another popular adult dating site is Sex The name says it all. The site says it offers real sex for real people. They also list upcoming sex parties for people looking for group sex. The silver membership fee starts at $24.95 for one month. If you want to be able to access all the photos and videos it will cost more.

Whether you are looking for a one-night stand or a long-term relationship, it is important to be cautious when you are meeting people from the Internet. The best approach is to meet in a public place for a drink or a cup of coffee to get to know the person before you take it any further than that. Many people lie and misrepresent themselves anyway, so you need to be especially cautious when you engage in sexual activities.

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